Automated Lifestyle

Have you ever been in a hurry leaving the house and as you drive away you remember that you meant to turn on some lights, set the security alarm, change the thermostat or turn off the TV?  You can drive back home and be later than you already are, or you can have AVI work with you to design an automation system based on your individual lifestyle and the degree of automation you need. The next time you’re in a hurry you’ll just push one button and everything will be done for you just as you want.

All of your systems programming is done in-house, meaning there is no external outsourcing. Your system is more secure with a faster response time. Imagine controlling most of the electronics in your home or business through one easy to use interface or even better we’ll design a system that thinks on its own. Your life will never be the same.

Not only can we automate your lifestyle but we'll color coordinate with your interior decorator while we're at it…

Would you expect anything less!

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