SF Police Stress Locking Car Doors, Especially If Guns Left Inside

Authorities are reminding people, yet again, to not leave your cars unlocked, especially if you have a gun inside.

Just from Thursday night to Friday morning, there were three instances where a gun was taken from an unlocked car. And then another instance happened Friday night.

In those cases, the guns were in the center console or the glove compartment, but just because they were out of sight, it doesn't mean they were safe.

"We keep saying this over and over again. We've seen instances where the guns are taken from Sioux Falls used in crimes here in Sioux Falls, used in crimes elsewhere around the country. People have to learn to lock their cars, especially if they're going to leave guns in it. That's just what it comes down to," Officer Sam Clemens said. 

Clemens added if you leave a gun in an unlocked car, you are just not being responsible. He said just because you haven't had problems before, it doesn't mean you won't have problems in the future.

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