4 ways to use a smart lock

Linked to the other smart devices in your home, automated and controlled through your smart security platform, and able to trigger alerts and actions on your behalf, alarm.com powered smart locks give you more versatility and value everyday.

4 Ways to Use a Smart Lock

  1. Verifiy a Visitor, then Unlock Remotely: All smart locks unlock remotely, but adding a video doorbell allows you to see who's there before letting them in.
  2. Control your Locks with Scenes: Scenes are useful commands like home, away and sleep that activate several different devices at once. Tapping Home button as you arrive home will unlock your door and disarm your security system.
  3. Get Automatic Reminders for Extra Security: If you leave home without locking up or haven't locked up by a certain time of day, it will trigger a smart phone alert.
  4. Give User Codes for Access and Awareness: User codes make access easy, you can customize them to work only at certain times or expire on a given date. Custom alerts can tell you exactly who just unlocked your door.

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Source: http://bit.ly/2MEFUcf