5 Home Security Myths

  1. Burglaries Happen At Night: Burglars don't just want to avoid being seen, they also want to avoid meeting the home owner. That's why most residential burglaries happen during the  day when you're at work.
  2. I Always Lock Up, So My House is Safe: Are you sure you "always" lock up? Many burglaries are simple "unlawful entry," in which the burglar uses an open door or window. Also, nearly three-fifths of burglaries are forcible entry, which might involve kicking in a door or breaking a window.
  3. My Dog is All the Home Security I Need: Although many burglars prefer to avoid home with dogs, a dog can be distracted easily and is typically less than reliable.
  4. I Don't Own Anything Worth Stealing: The number one item that burglars look for is cash. They're also interested in everyday items like jewelry, electronics, and prescription drugs, all of which are easy to sell. Even the power tools in your garage can make attractive targets.
  5. Security Systems are Easy to Beat: Our dedicated cellular connection can't be defeated with wire cutters because there's no wires to cut. An alarm.com powered system can alert your monitoring station even if an intruder attacks the security panel itself, thanks to crash and smash protection.


Source: http://www.alarm.com/blog/security-urban-legends