5 reasons to make alarm.com you summer party co-host

Here's what makes it such a good cookout co-host

  1. It's on hand to greet early guests: While your busy setting up in the back yard, use your video doorbell to see who's there, say hello, and let them in all from your smart phone.
  2. It keeps an eye on the kids: With contact sensors and smartphone alerts, alarm.com helps keep tabs on your roaming tribe of youngsters, knowing instantly if they get into off-limit areas.
  3. It keeps the conversation light and bright: As the sun goes down, your alarm.com powered lighting activates automatically, keeping your party brightly lit up, without having to left a finger.
  4. It has the best party tricks: You can close you garage door and other commands with your apple watch "magically".
  5. It closes things down responsibly: The final alarm.com command of the day, locks your doors, arms your security system, and dials down the temperature.

Want alarm.com for your next summer party?

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source: http://www.alarm.com/blog/summer-party