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Tips for Staying Safe at an ATM

Last week, Sioux Falls Police were investigating an armed robbery at a bank ATM were 2 men pulled up behind the victims car, the passenger got our and held a gun to his side and took the money and tried taking his wallet before getting back in the car and driving away. read more

5 reasons to make you summer party co-host

Smarter security technology doesn't just deter crime, it also makes things easier and more convenient around your house. It's especially useful when you have your hands full. read more

Did you know 70% of Americans use their garage door as primary entrance to their homes?

From protecting your car and guarding your tools, to securing a common but easily overlooked entry point to your home, a Smart Home Security system powered by has you covered. read more

Picking the right home security system can be confusing.

Consider all the questions. Which brand is better? Should I use a professional installer? Are all home security apps the same? What's the best security company? There's a lot to discover. read more

SF Police Stress Locking Car Doors, Especially If Guns Left Inside

Authorities are reminding people, yet again, to not leave your cars unlocked, especially if you have a gun inside. Just from Thursday night to Friday morning, there were three instances where a gun was taken from an unlocked car. And then another instance happened Friday night. read more