Did You Know you can see a live feed of who is at your front door with a video doorbell?

5 Smart Things you can do with a Video Doorbell:

1.      Answer Doorbell from Anywhere: When a visitor rings your doorbell, it chimes and sends an alert to your smartphone. You can even see them and have a conversation through the doorbell’s speaker and microphone.

2.      Secure a Delivered Package: When the delivery driver rings the bell, you can ask them to leave it inside, unlocking your front door with the smart lock icon that appears on your video call.

3.      Catch a Suspicious Caller in the Act: As part of a home security system, your video doorbell becomes a full security camera, able to capture motion-triggered clips, alert you, and store your clips for later viewing.

4.      Keep Up with the Kids: Set up your video doorbell to send you a daily video alert when your kids arrive some from school. As well as knowing they’re home safe, you can see exactly who they’re with.

5.      Sleep Undisturbed: ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode allows you to switch off the chime, but still sends you a text alert.