Do Fake Cameras Work?

When this cheap trick fails, what's left to protect your home? After all, there's a whole lot that a fake camera can't do.

  1. Show you important activity: If you have a doorbell camera, you can see and speak directly to visitors at the door, if it's someone your expecting you can unlock your door for them.
  2. Help catch a crook: Real cameras allow you to download video clips that can be given to law enforcement.
  3. Not connected to a security system: With a connected security system a loud alarm will sound and send alrm notifications to you and your family, and deliver an emergency signal to a monitoring station.
  4. Can't show you anything at all: Not everything that happens on your porch is an attempted burglary, packages get delivered, neighbors visit, or kids com home from school. Being able to see what's going on makes everything easier and reduces everyday worries.