How to create your own scene

The convenient new Scenes buttons in the applet you control several smart home devices at once with a single command.

  1. Getting Started: Log into, click the emPower tab, then click Scenes you'll see 4 pre-set Scenes, which you can edit from this page. To create a new one, click New Scene.
  2. Create a Button for your Scene: Enter your scene name and click the 3-arrowed icon, you'll see a drop-down menu of icons to choose from, along with a choice of colors.
  3. Specify What Your Scene Will Do: After creating your button, you'll see a list of all your powered devices below. To include a device, check the circle to the left of it, then specify what you want the device to do.
  4. Use Your New Scene: The next time you open your app, your scene will be there. Swipe left on the Scenes bar to find the new button, and tap once. On the confirmation pop-up, you can see all of the commands you specified. Tap 'CONFIRM' and enjoy your Scenes.
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