Unlocked doors and windows are a huge security problem

Did you know 1/3 of burglaries are classed as simple "unlawful entry", with no forcible entry to the home whatsoever? Of the 1,420,000 burglaries recorded in the US in 2015, 504,000 saw the intruder enter through an unlocked door, window, or other unsecured entrance.

How does home security safeguard you?

Our smart home security technology is designed to make it fast and convenient to secure your home properly.

Instant Awareness: Quickly check your doors, windows, and garage door with a quick glance at your alarm.com app.

Proactive Reminders: Alarm.com reminders alert you if you leave home with a door or window open. If it's a smart lock or garage door you left open, you can secure from your phone.

One-touch Lock Up: Scenes are customized commands that trigger several devices at once.You can create a Scene button that locks your doors, closes your garage and arms your security system, then simply press it every day as you leave for work.

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source: http://www.alarm.com/blog/security-unlawful-entry