What does 'powered by alarm.com" mean?

In a technical sense, it means the "brain" of a security system is the alarm.com platform.  But there's more to it, powered by alarm.com also means a better, smarter home security experience from start to finish, with professionally serviced technology giving you more benefits every day, armed or disarmed, home or away.

Here's What You Get:

  1. Professional Service and Support: Unlike standalone device retailers, Foss Security technicians connect and configure all your equipment to work together. For true emergency protection a 24/7 professional monitoring station will alert you and the authorities.
  2. Smarter Home Security: In case of a break-in a dedicated cellular connection that can't be physically cut and crash & smash protection provides a signal even if the panel is destroyed. You can add a video doorbell, smart locks, smoke detectors and water sensors for whole home monitoring.
  3. A Single App for Everything: A couple of taps on your app is all it takes to arm your security panel, let a visitor in, turn on the lights or active a complex scene, where several devices respond to one command.
  4. New Features and Updates- Automatically: Alarm.com-powered devices stay cutting-edge for longer. That's because our technology enables digitally-delivered upgrades that give you new features and abilities.

Want a home that's powered by Alarm.com? Call you local alarm.com powered Foss Security 605-339-0575 for a free quote.


source: http://www.alarm.com/blog/powered-by-alarm-com