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Have you had a power outage this year yet?

Did you know you can receive an instant alert when the power goes out and when it's restored during an outage. read more

Did you know smarter home security can alert your neighbors if there's an emergency?

By adding them as emergency contacts in your app, you can ensure that they'll receive a smartphone alert in an emergency such as a break-in or a fire, making them aware of the situation and enabling them to take action to stay safe. read more

What does 'powered by" mean?

In a technical sense, it means the "brain" of a security system is the platform. read more

Bought a New Home? Now its time to get smart

If you're a newly-minted homeowner, you're probably working through a list of home improvements, considering which projects to undertake. You're dividing ‘essentials' from ‘nice-to-haves', and balancing upfront costs with return on investment. read more

"Scenes": One Button Control for your home

Family connection is priceless, stay connected with scenes from Scenes buttons give you the ability to adjust multiple devices in your smart home with a single command. read more