3 ways to defend your home from burst pipes:

3 ways to defend your home from burst pipes:

As this year’s winter freeze hits, many homeowners will suffer the costly effects of burst pipes. Water damage accumulates fast, acting quickly is key.

Preemptive Awareness: Temperature Sensors

By placing a temperature sensor in the basement or crawlspace near the water supply, you can get a remote reading of the area’s temperature. You can also set up smartphone alerts that notify you when the temperature drops to an unusually low point.

Reactive Awareness: Water Sensors

A water sensor placed on the floor in strategic areas will instantly send you an alert when water is detected, so you can act quickly and minimize damage.

Proactive Protection: Water Shutoff Solution

The best option when a pipe bursts is to have your home respond automatically when it detects a burst pipe. Alarm.com’s smart water valve will shut off your water supply when it is triggered by a water sensor.

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