4 Homeowner horrors a security system protects your from

4 Homeowner horrors a security system protects your from:

1. Crime: If there's an emergency in your home, a signal is sent via a secure connection to a monitoring station, where a trained security professional will assess the situation and dispatch local emergency services.

2. Water damage: Accidential leaks from burst pipes and failed appliances  can be very expensive to clean up. With sensors installed in vulnerable areas, alarm.com detects water leaks and alerts you via smartphone so that you can act.

3. Energy Waste: A smart thermostat finds ways to save energy on heating and cooling while still keeping your home comfortable when you're there.

4. Teenage Parties: With video monitoring and real-time activity alerts you can stay on top of what's happening at home without compromising there independence. If it turns into a party, you'll be the first to know.