Do you worry about your vacation home during the winter?

Here's what you'll gain from this smart, affordable investment.

  • Professional Protection from Crime: 24/7 professional monitoring what will assess the situation and dispatch local law enforcement. You'll get an alert too.
  • Easy Access Control with Smart Locks: 4-digit user codes alert you every time a code is used, which makes it easy to keep track of who's coming or going. When you know the house is empty again, you can use your app to check the status of all locks, and re-arm your security system of protection.
  • Remote Control of Your Home's Thermostat: Your security system can include a smart thermostat which gives you control of the property's HVAC system via your phone. If there's a sudden temperature drop in mid-winter, your thermostat will alert you.
  • Early Awareness of Problems Around Your Property: Water sensors unders sinks or in the basement can alert you in the event of a burst pipe. If there's a fire at the property and you have smart smoke detectors connected to your security system, your monitoring station will be alerted and quickly dispatch local firefighters.
  • Security that Doesn't rely on broadband: uses wireless dedicated cellular connection to communicate with your app and monitoring station. That means you don't have to pay for broadband in the off season and your property will stay connected even if there's a power outage.

For peace of mind and a year-round connection to the place you love, Call Foss Security 605-339-0575 to get started today.