Suspect Arrested, Accused Of Stealing From Unlocked Cars

In just 30 minutes, police say a suspect was able to steal from five cars and get into a garage in Sioux Falls.  Police arrested 21-year-old Kidane Yosef early Monday morning.  He is accused of opening unlocked cars, and stealing everything from money to prescription pill bottles.  

Police were in this neighborhood at three in the morning, when they noticed cars with their doors open. Eventually, police found a man near 36th Street and Pepperidge Avenue. The officers yelled at him, and then the suspect ran away.  After they caught up to him, the officers arrested Yosef.  Inside the bag, they found dollar bills, loose change, cell phones, cigarettes and prescription pill bottles. Yosef faces five counts of criminal entry of a motor vehicle, two counts of theft and other charges. He also faces possession of controlled substance because of the stolen prescriptions.

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